Galdric Valles

I grew up working and learning about boats from my family who ran a boat maintenance and restoration company in Spain. I also learned my trade with working for Pinmar Barcelona who are internationally known for their work on  Super Yachts. I now live in the U.K  since 5 years ago and have worked on some prestige boats here in the U.K including Princess,  Sunseeker. We are able to take on any boat maintenance or repair job and put the quality of our work above everything else.

PaintWorld Yachts

Is a company dedicated to boat service and maintenance.

We are very delighted to have opened our company and have entered the nautical world once again. For PaintWorld Yachts this is an amazing opportunity to grow and become one of the best boat maintenance & restorations companies.

To our costumers we guarantee that the job we will perform to their boat will be up to the highest standards, only charging a considerably low and fair price.

In our company we really rely on what costumers belief is a good job done, therefore, all of our jobs are examined by a certified surveyor who certifies the job we have done to their boat. Additionally, we have internationally known paint companies that examine our job. This is merely because we want our costumers to believe that trusting our company is their best choice.

One of the disadvantages of creating a new company is that in this world everyone has a chosen company whose work adapts to their necessities & therefore is not willing to give away that trust and rely on new companies nobody has heard of- However, we are different as we have years and years of experience working with boats, we have been able to not only improve our services but to learn new techniques as well as learning how to manage the work efficiently.

Our policy covers all the necessary work that your boat will need without having to charge any extra fees! Because we are a growing company our prices hit the more real side of what a service might cost you. This is because being a company has the advantage of not paying a lot for infrastructure which allow us to charge the costumer the actual cost of the materials and the job done.

NEW! Decicated eco sandblasting facility at Paintworld yachts.

Bring your boat to paintworld yachts for blasting in a safe and controlled environment. Our new, dedicated boat gritblasting facility at the Hamble Point Marine allows contaminated waste to be disposed of safely.

Call or email now for more information and prices: 07546253441 or

Blasting Questions and Answers

Why get your boat blasted?
Over a number of years antifoul builds up so that the underwater hull surface is no longer smooth which is not efficient and it also is not good for antifoul adhesion. Ideally this build-up of antifoul should be removed back to the hull every five years or so. Not only is this a very time consuming job but it is also potentially messy and unless care is taken will introduce toxic paint into the environment.

How does our blast system differ from regular blasting?
We use a combination of recycled glass crushed to a fine grit and water which has the benefit of the abrasion of sand but with no dust produced. Our blasting system will completely remove all of the old coatings, leaving the original gel coat with a fine etched finish that is clean and prepared, ready for new coatings. The process also exposes any weaknesses in the gel coat such as blistering or voids allowing them to be filled prior to re-application of the surface coatings. By blasting in a purpose built site all waste material is contained and disposed of as hazardous waste by a professional waste management company


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