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Blasting Questions and Answers

Why get your boat blasted?
Over a number of years antifoul builds up so that the underwater hull surface is no longer smooth which is not efficient and it also is not good for antifoul adhesion. Ideally this build-up of antifoul should be removed back to the hull every five years or so. Not only is this a very time consuming job but it is also potentially messy and unless care is taken will introduce toxic paint into the environment.

How does our blast system differ from regular blasting?
We use a combination of recycled glass crushed to a fine grit and water which has the benefit of the abrasion of sand but with no dust produced. Our blasting system will completely remove all of the old coatings, leaving the original gel coat with a fine etched finish that is clean and prepared, ready for new coatings. The process also exposes any weaknesses in the gel coat such as blistering or voids allowing them to be filled prior to re-application of the surface coatings. By blasting in a purpose built site all waste material is contained and disposed of as hazardous waste by a professional waste management company.








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